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Apple Card - The Future of Cards

I’ve been an Apple fanboy for years. Whenever a new gadget came out from Apple, I jumped at the opportunity to get it. Then Apple released the “Apple Card” - I was skeptical. A technology company getting into the financial business seemed exciting, but was concerning. How would they protect my financial data, how would they make it enticing enough, did they even know what they were doing. Like all toys before, I took the plunge.

Card Construction

I’ve had the Apple Card now for a few months and I’ve loved it. The card’s construction is incredible, made from titanium. The all white card with no markings aside from my name and the Apple logo creates a minimalists dream. The card number is stored in the wallet app on my iPhone which gives the card a fresh finish without any distractions.


With the card having a minimalist finish, there is no way for a rogue player to acquire my card number and pin without also having access to my phone. With an integrated chip and primary payment method being Apple Pay, it’s very difficult to steal card information with skimmers or by hackers.


Most cards give incentives or rewards for using them. The Apple Card does have rewards; however, they aren’t the best on the market. 3% cash back on purchases from Apple, digital or physical, 2% cash back when used with Apple Pay, and 1% for physical use of the card. Many cards out there can give 2%-3% cash back on everything. Even though this is true, my daily driver card to this point has been only 1.5% cash back. 2% cash back on most of my new purchases was enticing enough to try it out. I also work in IT at an all Apple company. Whenever we need repairs to machines, I can swipe my own card and get 3% cash back on big Apple purchases.


The Apple Card concept is the future in my opinion. Minimalist card design with strong card construction, security as a primary concern, and fun rewards to keep you interested. I haven’t even talked about the wallet app that makes it incredibly easy to see your future payments, balance, trends, and payment plans (if you elect). Having all this financial tech at your fingertips will make the future of payments that much simpler and enjoyable. If you are a fanboy of Apple, I say you should take a look. If you have a card that already give you 2% cash back or better, you’re probably just as well off to stick with what you have.

Justin Hammond
I love all things tech. I've been programming since the age of 12, repairing iPhones since 16, and founding tech companies since 20. I'm an open source fanatic, Apple fanboy, and love to explore new tech. I spend my time coding open source projects, tinkering with electronics and new tech products, and consulting teams on how to get things done.


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I got the apple card too mainly to refinance a macbook I had purchased at 0% APY. One thing that bugs me is the rewards which you touched a bit on. Most of my expenses are dining and entertainment not apple products, so aside from the benefit of being able to get some money back on apple purchases I rarely use it! Check out Capital One Savor for 3-4% cash back on dining or Chase Sapphire if you travel quite a bit like I do

 Gautam Pappu - 2022/04/22