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Do Not Hold the Picture Button Down on iPhone for Videos, You'll Regret It

I learned a thing today, maybe helpful to some: you can take a video on your iPhone by holding the camera button, it’ll switch to a video - this I knew. The problem is it shoots said video in the 4:3 aspect ratio which is terrible. This is the same aspect ratio your TV used in the 90's, it's almost a square.

Lesson learned, always switch to the explicit video mode because it’ll shoot in the proper 16:9 ratio for horizontal videos. The "hold the camera button" is intended for quick videos that are vertical, not a “shortcut” to start a horizontal video. I’m realizing that I’ve mis-shot many previous videos this way out of convenience without realizing the impact it was having and I’m now very sad.

Justin Hammond
I love all things tech. I've been programming since the age of 12, repairing iPhones since 16, and founding tech companies since 20. I'm an open source fanatic, Apple fanboy, and love to explore new tech. I spend my time coding open source projects, tinkering with electronics and new tech products, and consulting teams on how to get things done.


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